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Company Profile

We specialize in leveraging technology to help businesses find new opportunities. It brings our experience and innovation and puts it in customers hands.
We are working with startup companies to add more value and worth to change the world.
We strongly believe that human potential can be realized through technology as long as we place what is human at the core of what we build. We believe we can build better.
In 2017, we launched a mobile platform for businesses, a thematic residency and investment program for early-stage companies. It allows us to immerse ourselves in emerging tech categories and work closely with the startups in each cohort. Our current theme is “The technology in hands”, and encompasses privacy technology, developing a healthier media ecosystem, and consumer products whose business model isn’t predicated on harvesting private data.
For the last five years we have consulted early stage startups and shared our expertise. We continue to do so through our seed and series.

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  • Growing Technology

From the various technologies to real business, we focus on perfecting the synergy to grow the businesses and provide support to startups.
AI / Big data / Bio Technology / Machine learning / Robotics / Virtual Asset
There are many experts who can lead startups to success within the 1:1 close mentoring. Industry leaders need each other to change the future for educators and learners. We’ve brought 50+ luminaries together to change the odds in favor of the innovators in our programs.

  • Consulting and startup

Without clients there is no need for advanced technology. We accentuate the market and client first.
Companies around the world face the same problem: great new ideas are brought to life, however, there gap in reality and ideas ends up slowing down company growth.
The struggle to align technology achievement to real business needs is what market gurus understand. Their insight with further new technology can help everyone succeed.

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