We provide customized solution for your business. Key benefits include:

  • Tailored Mobile App for your business needs
  • Increase business revenue by lowering operating costs and attracting more customers
  • Streamline operational process
  • Make important documents and other information easily available at users fingertips

Here are some popular features:

Announce events and let users RSVP

Trial Registration
Let new members register and provide all required information via the App

App lets members refer their friends and expand clientele

Schedule time to send a message to all App users. Usually, notifications help share announcements, news and other messages.

Picture board
The App lets users upload photographs to share with others.

Information and Documents 
You can post working hours and other important information dynamically

Vimeo video
Showcase videos uploaded to Vimeo from within the App

Help App users find your location on map as well as other contact information: address, email, phone number and working hours

Quick info about your business  

Helps members use social media to connect with your business on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Dynamic Content
Manage additional content using admin panel


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